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a miracle

Your Relationship Is a Powerful Influence on The Rest of Your Life

When things are working well with a couple, there's a wave of good energy that energizes all other aspects of life: family, children, creativity, work, spirituality, all gets nourished by love!

And when things aren't working... soooo much energy is wasted on drama, emotional frictions, and negative feedback loops.

Maybe you are coping with frustrating disconnection and want more harmony, and when you dare to dream of it, even to have fun together again.

Maybe you are two people with a beautiful mission in this world, channeling a lot of energy through the relationship, and need a seasoned guide to support you in co-creating a high-bandwith partnership that is also a safe place for your hearts to recharge and be at peace.

I work with couples to dramatically increase the health and vitality of their relationships.


My North Star guiding this work is aligned with Low-Drama, High-Intimacy Thriving, and Sacred Union partnerships, channeling the highest expressions of feminine and masculine archetypal energies. 

I support couples in the nitty-gritty, cleaning out the muck of unconscious dysfunctional patterns of relating and restoring emotional safety, while holding space for the transcendent spiritual aspects of relationship, which tend to emerge once we clean up communication glitches and unconscious codependencies.

If your life force was not leaking away into drama and disconnection, what would all that energy get to be nourishing instead on a daily basis?

"The word that comes to mind when I think of the vibe between Ania and Harlan Wood is YUM. Their hearts are wide open and bursting with deliciousness. Being in their presence is like being in a waterfall of love, overflowing with joy, appreciation, gratitude, celebration, harmony, and bliss. Some couples seem to radiate ecstasy, yet what they project is phony; secretly, there is toxicity poisoning the rivers underneath. But in several years of knowing the two of them, I have yet to witness anything but a quick return to love if waves interrupt the flow. If you're looking to upgrade your capacity to bathe in the waterfall, come prepared to get soaked."


—  Lissa Rankin, MD, Bestselling Author of Mind Over Medicine

About Relationship Alchemy Coaching

I am devoted to supporting couples in activating their innate capacity for healing their hearts, transforming painful patterns into truly ecstatic connection, and living with more peace, pleasure, and passion than they ever imagined.

I am grateful to have witnessed many relationship miracles in my 10+ years of working with couples and individuals seeking love. I combine my extensive professional training with my intuitive sense for how to unblock the Flow of Love. 

Your heart is worthy of a miracle.


Ania Ananda Wood, MA, M-NLP, brings a valuable mix of solid professional background and natural giftedness to her work with couples.  

She holds a graduate degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from CIIS (2010), and has supplemented her education with in-person training with many of the leading couples therapists and love coaches in the world.  

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"I'm so glad we waited to try couples counseling until things got really draining and difficult!"

 - said Nobody Ever  ;-)

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