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the relationship reset private retreat

imagine going to Maui for a week,
taking your relationship to a love-filled new level
(or healing your relationship back to the love you know you can have again) in 2 days,
and having a second honeymoon from a place of deep integrated soul connected love!  
Testimonial #1, edited for brevity
Testimonial #2, unedited

The best way to describe exactly what happens in this deep healing retreat is to hear from the couples who've experienced it.  I've linked to 2 videos above of couples sharing their direct experiences.  They both generously agreed to open up and share in the service of helping other couples who could benefit from this type of work.

about the 2-day relationship reset in paradise

This is the most powerful healing I have to offer couples.

I designed this offering as a way to set up the best conditions for rapid healing and pattern-shifting. 

This container allows us to do some deep psychic surgery, opening up the heart space and healing unhealthy patterns, with the appropriate amount of loving space holding that allows the psyche to really integrate these changes for good, permanently shifting the baseline state of your relationship.

If things feel like they are coming to a head for the two of you and you're in a make-it or break-it moment in your relationship, or if you're the kind of people who process better in big bursts rather than week-by-week, this Relationship Reset Retreat might be a wonderful fit for you.

Couples report feeling like this is much gentler than they expected, while also getting right to the root of things and feeling permanently changed.  The best I can do to explain how that happens is that this is the work I was born to do.  Everything about the way I process the world is oriented towards systems-thinking, finding the root causes of dysfunction, and being acutely aware of the Flow of Love and how to revive it.

#1 FAQ:

This is a big commitment, both in time and money, is it worth it??


I love being efficient and getting excellent return on investment, so I put my heart into designing something that I would be happy with if the roles were reversed.  I understand what a big decision it is to say Yes to something like this.  A big part of the process for many people is crossing that threshold of energetic commitment, and once you do actually show up for your relationship in a big way by committing to this, you'll notice the healing starting from the moment of commitment, before we even meet.  You can watch video Testimonial #1 (above) to hear one couple talk about their process of coming to this retreat, actually the first time they'd ever left their child with others overnight was for this.

I do offer weekly sessions and I'm happy to work in that format as well, but if weekly is hard with your schedule, and especially if you have children and there's a risk of divorce, then please consider this relationship-saving option! 

As long as you can grok my single pre-requisite of Personal Responsibility (detailed here) then I'm confident I can help you.

recommended accommodation: Lumeria Maui

lumeria bedroom.jpg
baldwin beach_edited.jpg
lUmeria porch.jpg

I am also happy to advise you on airbnb options here on the north shore



  • Send me a message or call me to schedule a time for the intensive.  It is ideal to schedule these at least one month in advance, but it is possible we can make this work with just a couple weeks notice, I'll try my best. 

  • If we have not had a regular session together before the couples intensive then we will have to have at least one session to get to know you as a couple and get a feel for what's going on with you.  I work with people all over the world over video so you don't need to be in Maui for the foundational session.

  • I also highly recommend that couples book a follow-up session for continued integration support sometime in the next month after our intensive.

  • Please make sure you have comfortable accommodations set or available to book prior to finalizing our dates.  Maui can get very sold-out when it comes to last minute hotel and airbnb's, especially in the winter season.  

  • I recommend setting this up as a retreat time with a lot of care and spaciousness around our 2-day intensive.  Make this the only thing you're doing those 2 days, keep your phones in airplane mode, and let yourself have a gentle integration day the next day (not an airport day).  This will help your psyches to open up and get the most out of our time together.  People call this intensive "miraculous" and "life changing", you can think of it as a year of therapy in 2 days... AND what really helps people's psyches to get SO much out of this is the setup of a sacred container, so that your subconscious has the space to process all the profound pattern shifts going on.  Ideally you will have a little vacation afterwards and let yourselves soak up the romantic paradise of Maui from your newly-refreshed love bubble!

  • My first recommendation for where to stay for the 3 nights (including night before) surrounding our time together is Lumeria Retreat Center.  It is beautiful and relaxing and best of all, they have healthy breakfasts and dinners for you, so you won't need to cook, which will help support the retreat atmosphere and you getting to use your down-time to connect with each other and integrate the new patterns we activate in our sessions.  You can also integrate in their beautiful pool or with a spa treatment :)  I am also happy to offer advice on other options for where to stay.

  • My home office, where we will do our work, is located in Haiku, Maui, about a 20min drive from Lumeria down gorgeous country roads.

  • I only have 1 weekend per month that is available for booking the Saturday and Sunday.  I also charge a premium for working on weekends, and bookings for weekdays will be more affordable (details below).  Options for booking are going to be Thursday & Friday, Friday & Saturday, Saturday & Sunday, or Sunday & Monday.  Contact me at least one month in advance for the best chance of booking the days you'd like. 

Our schedule is a gentle one, not starting too early or going too late, and giving you plenty of time to connect and integrate and not be rushed.  You might enjoy having a picnic lunch at Ho'Okipa Beach, 10 minutes away, with sea turtles and surfers to watch.

Costs for the 2-day intensive depend on the days:

2 weekdays = $2200

I weekday and 1 weekend day = $2600

Saturday & Sunday = $3000

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