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Is your relationship a diamond in the rough?

Are you tired of painful disconnection when your heart knows you both are capable of healing and thriving?

Are you wanting to feel deeper intimacy, more aliveness, the way you felt early on in your love?

Alllll that energy spent on drama and disconnection... could instead be feeding your love and vitality! 

It is my life's purpose to support couples on the path of evolutionary relationship.  My North Star guiding my work with couples is aligned with Sacred Union Partnerships, and Low-Drama, High-Intimacy Thriving.  I support couples in the nitty-gritty, cleaning out the muck of unconscious everyday patterns of relating, restoring emotional safety, while holding space for the transcendent spiritual aspects of relationship, which tend to emerge once we clean up communication glitches and unconscious codependencies.

Work with ania

I work with motivated and self-aware clients who are looking for a deeper approach than insight-oriented therapy or communication coaching.  

In our work together I use my systems-orientation to go straight to the root of unhealthy patterning, and facilitate changes that are profound, yet feel gentle and organic to the nervous system.


I have worked with couples all across the board from people needing a moderate boost to many couples on the verge of breakup.  I love facilitating the Flow of Love, and have yet to meet a couple that did not excite me to work with, even the challenging ones are a fun challenge.  

However, one prerequisite that I've found helps couples get the most out of working with me is when both people take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for creating the reality of their relationship.

This does not mean that you are rocking that awareness all of the time.  If you were, you probably wouldn't need my help.  But it DOES mean that you are OPEN to this concept and WILLING to embrace this philosophy in our work together.  This looks like holding a lot a curiosity about what unconscious patterns you are bringing into the relationship, rather than, for example, holding a rigid belief about your partner being "messed up" in some way.

Not that you never harbor judgements about your partner, I know we humans can go there easily when things are rocky.  However if you want to get the most out of our work together then you will be open to questioning your judgements rather than clinging to them as protection against looking deeply at your own contributions to the unhealthy dynamics.

I've found that if a client can't quite grok personal responsibility, then they tend to "burn out" quick in our work as I go deep very fast, so these clients quickly reach their fill of what their nervous systems can process after a few sessions.

On the other hand, the clients who find me a great fit and breath of fresh air are often those who find typical therapists or coaches a little slow and surfacey.  These clients are well-resourced in personal growth and have a fair amount of insight and find themselves hitting some frustrating blocks in their growth that they haven't quite been able to get a handle on.  

If you are on a path of THRIVING in your life in general and want a support person who holds a super high vision of what's possible for you...

If you are pretty sharp and usually guide yourself well, but find yourself up against a blind spot or old trauma patterning that escapes your ability to navigate through it and want a seasoned guide to help shine light on your blind spots...

If you know deep down that your relationship has SO MUCH more potential for deep connection and thriving partnership than you are currently experiencing...

Then we would be a great fit!

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